Welcome to the online home of the Acute Loss Center (formerly the Arrangers Academy)!  We are here to help you learn about the Acute Loss Period and to show you how you can help others begin healing after an acute loss.  

For more than a decade, we have hosted in-person training events to share our unique and innovative method of caring for families the time of loss. This proven and comprehensive model enables education of the modern consumer on the Acute Loss Period. Funeral home owners, arrangers and pre-need counselors have been thrilled at the way this method changes the conversation with families, restores the relevancy of the industry professionals, resonates deeply with people who have lost a loved one and positively impacts profitability without sacrificing integrity.

We are excited to announce that our Arranger training is now also available ONLINE.This expansion has allowed us to offer the same quality training at a more affordable price and on your schedule. We are also now able to offer CEU’s through APFSP, certification through the Acute Loss Center, and a free marketing license for firms that train all of their arrangers. 

Most importantly, you and your staff will learn how to guide families to assess the emotional, relational and spiritual needs in their families, and become empowered to begin a healthy experience with grief. 

If you are ready to help reintroduce the value of ritual around loss, and equip people to understand and navigate the loss of a loved one, contact us today to learn how to enroll your staff in our training. The time has come for all of us to take a new and important step to help our families begin healing.

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